Long Beach Neighborhood Spotlight – Ridgewood Heights

ridgewood-heights-mapWhere is Ridgewood Heights you might ask? It is located in North Long Beach. This is your typical “Post War” era tract neighborhood. It was built in the mid 1940’s to the early 1950’s. Typical of this time period, the homes can range from 600S.F to over 2,400 S.F.


since 2000


This graph really shows us the rise up i the market and the fall. What I like to see is what values are doing now. We have gained alot of the lost equity form the crash. But the overall volume of sales seem to be less.

2-6 bedroom


This graph shows 2 Bedroom, 3 Bedroom, 4 Bedroom, 5 Bedroom and one 6 Bedroom, all compared to each other.

sold Statistical_CMA8396



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