Belmont Heights Values and Living on Ximeno Avenue

I recently ran some graphs for the Belmont Heights area of Long Beach. The first graph shows Bemont Heights for this year.  My boundaries for this graph are Nieto Avenue to the east, 7th Street to the north, Broadway to the south and Redondo Aveenue to the west.

BH  october


This second graph really shows what has happened since 2001. Look at the peak and how far off the peak  the market still is.

BH october since 2001

This last one I did because I was curious as to values on Ximeno versus the rest of Belmont Heights.  The area I used  was Redondo Avenue to the West, 7th Street to the north(excluding homes on 7th), Park Avenue to the east, (Excluding homes on Park in the Graph). Broadway to the south.

Ximeno Vs BH


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